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ESSENS opportunity in Ireland

How to earn money by Essens in Ireland?

In an era in which the longed-for permanent job has become a real chimera, to earn you need to sharpen your wits.

Disoccupation is still a big problem in our society, and nowadays Internet represents a relief valve and a solution for anyone who needs a creative and dynamic business.

Be able to decide what we are going to do in our future having our dreaming job is the main goal of everyone. 

For these reasons I thank you to be here, you are reading a purpose tested by so many people who have reach their goals in their company based in Manchester (UK), Dublin (Ireland), and many others in Europe. 


High commission with interesting profits: HOW?

With a smart login in a web platform you would reach any information and be supported in your professional life growing.

Everything to let people be free.

What is Essens ?

Essens is first of all an enterprise which spreads products in UK, Ireland and in the most part of Europe.
The most important sectors which we take care of are:

⭕️ Beauty
(perfumes, make up, face and body creams)

⭕️ Food supplement

(products to increase the immunitary defense)

⭕️ House cleaning

(Vegan certified)

⭕️ A portal dedicated to travel and hotels.

If you think most of these products are used by you in everyday life, so if you just change your way to buy, you can start!


We have earned a very good reputation with our business !!! ?

Our products have an high quality, 1769 products: fragrance with 20% of essential oil, natural and inspired by the bests brands.

Essens enterprise ?

Joung, Dynamic, Creative and Lasting, which is growing day by day. It was founded in 2011 and from 2020 it arrived in Ireland.

The Essens’ formula allows you to have high earnings, it’s easy, for example:

• if you want to have a professional business with your own team anywhere anytime.

• if you are searching for a extra earning

Many people thanks to essens have completely changed the quality of their life, now is better, now is higher. Now they have solved any problems they had with money.

So, now is your turn, I know you are curious and you’ll be glad to find your solution and to take care about the people you love.

You may be wondering but why join our team?

My name is Romanica Maria Cristina and together with my sponsor Tarineanu Anca Nicoleta and Carlo Cavassori who is a Top Professional leader in Networking Essens we want to help you become a leader too.

We are a strong team and we have been working with Essens since August 2014, thus opening the market in Italy, then in December 2016 the market in Spain, now the team is present throughout the UK, Ireland Lithuania and some teams in France, Germany and Romania, with a total of about 40 thousand members.

Training programs and product presentations in Italian, Spanish, English, Romanian, French and German
My commitment is to make available the best in people, therefore, what is needed to encourage, support and provide them with the information and tools they need to do important business.

Normally, people do not know this type of business (I was one of the unbelievers), but they know their skills better than anyone.

My goal is to make you live and believe in your evolution, in this beautiful journey, to obtain freedom and important gains, accompanying you in every phase of it.

Enter in the Ireland EssensTeam

Why make your register in essens ?

➡️ Free registration without any restrictions.

➡️ The products are of the highest quality.

➡️ You will see all the products and prices reserved for you.

➡️ Sales margins from 25% to 80%.

➡️ You will be able to purchase products with an additional subscription discount.

➡️ You have time to stay on the web for 30 days to freely view the project.

➡️ We offer both a work from home opportunity.

➡️ You will freely decide what to do, follow a production scheme or create your own.

➡️ A completely legal and profitable business.

➡️ Ability to use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to increase your earnings.

➡️ You will have your own online shop, a very interesting source of income.

➡️ You will manage your business on your own or with the person who introduced you to essens, in europe and beyond (22 countries).


What are the benefits?

✅ You will be able to buy your products at a loyalty price (the one that offers you the most income).

✅ Award travel.

✅ Company Car.

✅ You will earn on the sale.

✅ You will earn on building a team.

✅ Monthly transfer of your commissions.

✅ Annual reward bonus.

✅ Very interesting career plan with incentives and rewards.

✅ You can choose the formula you prefer.

✅ Professional person coaching training and products in exchange for your time.

✅ Your freedom will be our conquest.

Become an Essens consultant now

Thanks for your attention, we will start a new journey together. I will contact you personally following your registration.